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bullet My Digital Collages & Montages and Some Thai Graphics
bullet Remnants of my Surrealistic Dreams about Chicago
bullet Scorpio's Mixed Emotions
bullet Let's Get Unconscious with Madonna
bullet Thirsty (Drink Love to Quench Thirst)
bullet I miss you... (read the poem--in Thai)
bullet Thai Art Montage Variation I
bullet The Aiyara (read the poem in Thai)
bullet The Astral Lotus: Thai Spirit & Soul
bullet The Male Angels
bullet Angel::Miracle
bullet Mosaicked Male
bullet It Happened on New Pont Alexandre III (The gal in the pic is Nuddie).
bullet Brain Designs
bullet My Favorite Artists
bullet Western
bullet Leonardo da Vinci
bullet Michelangelo Buonarroti
bullet Albrecht Dürer: The God of Woodcuts
bullet Edvard Munch
bullet Gustav Klimt
bullet Salvador Dalí
bullet Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger & his expressive Gothic/Industrialist/Sci-Fi art
bullet Frank Lloyd Wright: A Tribute to F.L.W
bullet Piet Mondrian
bullet Dale Chihuly: Wizard of the Glass Art
bullet Thai
bullet Chakrabhand Posayakrit: The Heavenly Hands That Paints Thai Beauty
bullet Male Physique Art
bullet My Collection of Drop Cap Letters
bullet Early Ad Art: Thai | Western
bullet Curious Victorian Drawings
bullet Isometric Art & Visual Illusions
bullet Must-See Drawings: Artistic | Technical | Medical
bullet Religious Art: Hinduism | Buddhism | Christianity
bullet Literature Art: Thai | Omar Khayyám's Rubáiyát
bullet Fantastic, Mythological and Folkloric: Satan-Devils-Demons-Witchcrafts, Medusa, Laocoon
bullet Indigenous & Primitive Art
bullet Japanese Art
bullet Creative sushi: see how I made the already beautiful sushi pictures look even more beautifulsushi pictures click here
bullet Nature Art: Faunas | Floras | Inspiring Sceneries
bullet Ornamental Art
bullet Printer's Ornaments of the 20th Century
bullet Fame & Border Art
bullet Clip Art (Scorpio & Scorpion ClipArt | Off-site inks to my kinda other site: Thai Clip Art & Graphics, Meeeeow!,
Woof woof!, Assorted Animals, Metaphors, Nature, All Else)

- The most basic form & pigments of imagination of a minimalist like myself -

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