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Chakrabhand Posayakrit was born 16 August B.E. 2486 (1943) in Bangkok. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts (Painting) from Silpakorn University and was awarded an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts in the area of Creative Arts from Chulalongkorn University, an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts in Applied Fine Arts Studies, Silpakorn University. Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit is a free-lance artist specializes in painting, both traditional and contemporary Thai. He has his own field of specialty in painting delicate and beautiful lines denoting his extensive knowledge in literature, religion, history, Thai and Western art, special technique in drawing as well as general knowledge. He also undertook the task of renovating royal puppets belonging to Krom Phra Ratchawang Bowon Wichaichan which had been long stored at the National Museum vault in Bangkok.

Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit is an artist worthy of high praises. He has produced an extensive array of high quality work of visual art. He is widely acclaimed and accepted. The large volume of his masterpieces has served to provide a great deal of benefits to people of all levels. His works express his wealth of creativity, sense of heritage, development, conservation and dissemination of knowledge. He is therefore being honoured National Artist, Visual Arts (Painting) for the year 2000.

Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit inherited his love in art from his parents, particularly from his mother who is a person highly skilled in music playing and singing, a writer and a prolific reader. When young, Mr. Chakrabhand always went with his parents and senior relatives to see the masked play and drama at the Fine Arts Department. He then came home to draw picture according to his own imagination. His parents and senior relatives supported him in this matter. He displayed his capability at an early age of 9 when he was still studying at Vajiravudh College. His achievement during his young days greatly impressed the adult. His father therefore took him to be under the tutelage of Professor Silp Birasri while Chakrabhand was in school at Vajiravudh College. The boy received advice on drawing with pencil and on how to observe natural things around him with an eye of an artist. After completing his education at Vajiravudh College, Chakrabhand enrolled in the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University in 1962, the year Professor Silp Birasri passed away. Chakrabhand did not give up his intention to further his studies in the subject he adored.

While in university, Chakrabhand received scholarship every year and kept on painting portraits. At the age of 21, while in the third year at the university, he painted a Thai traditional painting "Phran Bun Captures Nang Manohra". Chakrabhand made a trial of using colour combination and components that were different from other Thai traditional paintings normally copied from temples by students. The result was an exquisite creation with an encouraging comment "Keep up your good work" from Achan Fua Hariphitak. This presented Chakrabhand with an encouragement to keep on creating more work while studying at Silpakorn University, using applications of various new colours.

After his graduation, Chakrabhand continuously kept on creating artistic work which has received wide acclaim from people in the art world, the general public, and foreigners that it clearly and perfectly depicts the identity of the Thai nation. Each of his paintings, either in the categories of Thai traditional, portrait or natural-style painting, denotes his creative originality and inspiration. His work points to the fact that it was created by an artist who deeply adores national heritage and who immemsely respects and takes pride in Thai identity. In an excerpt from the book "Life and Work of Chakrabhand Posayakrit", Chakrabhand said:

"I like to listen to Thai music. I like to watch Thai mask play, Thai drama, to read stories in Thai literature…."

What Chakrabhand practiced in his life has become an effective mould in the creation of Thai paintings and fine arts, culminating in the work of art that is refine and exquisite bearing a deep impact on the emotion and feelings of the viewers. Those pictures stirred the mind of the viewers to suddenly fall in love with Thai art. This is in fact a very unique and personalized quality of Chakrabhand's work.

Chakrabhand has created several paintings with Buddhism-related theme, especially on "Lord Buddha". Some of them are: the paintings on the story of the life of Lord Buddha from birth to death (numbering in total: 33); several portraits for public worship of venerable monks such as Luang Pu Waen, Phra Robert Sumetho, etc.

Chakrabhand has created a large number of work of art in connection with the monarchy, both in the style of Thai traditionalism and portraiture. He has painted several royal portraits such as those of HM King Chulachomklao Chao Yu Hua(Rama V), HRH the Princess Mother, HM The King, HM The Queen and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Besides the above-mentioned work of art, he has painted some Thai traditionalistic paintings based on the story of Manohra and Phra Lo from the beginning to the end at the Royal Command of HM The King. These were meant to be on display at the Phuphing Ratcha Nivet Royal Mansion. Later on, in the year 1971, HM The Queen royally commanded Chakrabhand to paint on Thai fabric 11 scenes in the Thai traditionalist style. These were used in royal fans. In 1972, he painted "the Himmaphan" for HRH The Crown Prince who was at that time Prince Vajiralongkorn. The prince took it to be the royal present for the Emperor of Japan during his visit to that country. In 1977, he created 4 Thai traditional paintings in oil to be used as illustration in the book "Kasattriyanuson" written by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Chakrabhand is an artist with an all-round skill in several branches of Thai art. He has created a vast number of work of art including those in embroidery. Chakrabhand studied this art from Achan Yeun Phanuthat, the well-knows fine arts teacher. His fine arts work therefore contains exquisite design and craftsmanship resembling that of a painting.

Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit's concept of work is to conserve and pass on the heritage of Thai wisdom especially with regard to Thai painting and fine arts. This can be seen from his work by which he has endeavoured to create a great number of pieces of works of art, both in the Thai traditionalistic and naturalistic style. His work is standardized and applicable as prototype in the academic world. It also serves as practical sample in the area of art for others to follow in his footstep.

In addition to directly passing on his knowledge, Chakrabhand Posayakrit has also handed down his knowledge and expertise in various branches of Thai art to the younger generation through the organization of functions in order to disseminate knowledge concerning the details in the creation of painting and other forms of fine arts to the public. Channels used by him include the mass media: television programmes, magazines, newspapers , greeting cards, etc.

From his life and work as mentioned above, it clearly shows the artistic qualification of Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit. He has deep love of art and is highly conscientious of the task and responsibility of an artist in conserving, inheriting, developing, creating, researching and passing on the work of Thai art in order to keep Thai paintings and Thai art for posterity. He is also a highly-acclaimed artist with good values and ethics for life. He has conducted extensive services to Thai society. His work is widely recognized both in the academic and profession worlds. He is also one of the persons who truly supports Thai art and culture. He is hereby proclaimed National Artist, Visual Arts (Painting) on 3 November, 2000.

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bullet Source: Info salvaged from "Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit: The National Artists 2000: Visual Arts (Painting) -- "นายจักรพันธุ์ โปษยกฤต ศิลปินแห่งชาติ สาขาทัศนศิลป์ (จิตรกรรม) ปี ๒๕๔๓" [used to appear @, which is a dead link now].
bullet See also: "หุ่นไทย -- จักรพันธ์ โปษยกฤต"
bullet The Thai version of Chakrabhand's biography can be found at Veteethai.

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