Development of My Brain Image Designs

The Primitive Brain--my very first brain design. Still look pretty Western.

The very first design of Bryan's Brain graphic I created--inspired by the concept of dreams as delineated by the great Sigmund Freud. I combined some clip art from & Microsoft Design Gallery Live with that of my own, added typewriter typeface around the brain using two lines excerpted from my favorite poem: T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The brown brain was overlaid over the skull. The head turning to your left side showing the left brain lobe.

The Brain with an Eastern View--my second brain design influenced by the Hinduism art.

Then came the second design which was based mainly on the first with the same inspirations. What's apparent was the influences of Hinduism art & mythological elements and something about science to show that I've got interests in both arts & sciences. My two favorite Hindu divinities, God Shiva and his wife Durga or Uma Devi (Devi is Sanskrit for "goddess") were added. So now Sigmund Freud's concept of dreams was intermingled with some interesting mythological elements/beliefs. The entangled king cobras were there to guard the God Shiva. More transparency was applied to various elements to create the graphic depth. The typewriter's typeface and T.S. Eliot adapted poem remained the same, whereas the brain--quite lighter brown now--was laid under the skull. The head still turned left showing the left brain lobe. More vanity values.

The other brain designs can be viewed at Follow that crawling green frog to enter my brain... and The Very Brain That Houses My Warped Fragile Little Mind. The next brain design version is hoped to be jazzed up by Flash or Swish.
The third "East-meets-West Brain"
Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man was added into this one to give the design a Western feel and some round shape. The male herald (with his HORN ;-) was colorized to match his Vitruvian pal. The vignette was removed. The ear was replaced by a collage of a scorpion's stinger and a rattler's tail. The brain turned to your right for the first time (just to match the site's title).
"The Festive Brain"
Same as the above but more holiday ornaments were added for the Xmas & New Year to make it a "festive brain." Still trying to learn Flash.  *_*
"The Surrealistic Brain"
The latest brain design is reflective of several things and layers of things in my consciousness and sub-consciousness. First and foremost, the brain was turned upside down as a declaration of non-conformism. The python stood for the looming catastrophe of souls. The flies revolving around the crystal ball told of some inexplicable surrealistic dreams I had every once in a while. The Viperine Goddess represented elevation of the sinned psyche. The red spiked sphere was an interpretation of the quantum intricateness of beings. In designing this graphic I felt--like Prufrock did--as if I had been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas. Totally quiet and serene, it's an ethereal, alienated world not only far from the madding crowd but completely detached from the entire humanity.

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