Male Physique

My English professor once said when I was in one of her classes during my Junior year: "Each and everyone of us human should have at least one addiction." Hers, she said, is coffee; mine is male physique, which is among one of the many Original Sins in my life (apart from that lizardticide sin).

To me, male physique is one of the most spellbound wonders of the world--a gift that Mother Nature creates, perfects, and kindly extends to us. My personal definitions of magnificent male physique are based on such several masculine attributes (that are reflective merely of my own personal preferences and tastes, which may or may not be the same as yours or anyone else's.) as: Finely shaped head, Tom Cruise-like eyebrows, hawk eyes with commanding power, high nose ridge with prominent point, thin lips, grayish green trace of beard & mustache, square jaw bones, cleft chin, strong neck proportionate to head, wide muscular shoulders & large pectorals, broad chiseled chest, solid crunched abs muscles, well-toned biceps & triceps, rugged ironclad fists, erect back with nicely curved track in the middle, full rounded fleshly buttocks, smooth underbelly, a pintle (in a Middle English sense, literally:-) of a decent size, robust thighs & legs, and big firm feet. I also agree with Queer as Folk's Emmett Honeycutt that "...brain is the second sexiest organ in human males." A sense of humor and optimism follow next. Their various eye colors, skin complexions, voices, accents, laughs, teeth, smiles, dimples, hair styles & textures, smells, sweats, strides, etc. are what make their breath-taking physique even more truly attractive. So let me show you some select favorite samples of my males so that you can see what they look like. Click on the bullet to enter.

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