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Twin Cities Pride Parades 2002 Pictures: Page 1

GLBT Pride/Twin Cities, as old as I am, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the year 2002 Happy Birthday to us! :-). TCPrice CEO Daneil P. Damsey said this is the celebration of: "30 years in the struggle for equality with more years of struggle to come, 30 years of legislative/personal victories and defeats, 30 years of coming out, and 30 years of demonstrations and marches turned to festivals and parades." The theme was thus dubbed "30 Years Proud" by TCPride. Dan also shared his personal reflections that though he felt very comfortable being himself here in the Twin Cities, he could still remember: "what it was like growing up in a suburb where Gay people were not discussed in a favorable light." Yet, he said, mostly, that has changed here and in the surrounding suburbs there. As a Thai/Asian gay male in this city, I feel that the Twin Cities--Minneapolis in particular--are very gay-friendly; I've never experienced gay haters or bashing like in many other states in the States. The Midwest people who live in the tundra-like weather possess the amazingly warm, congenial and live-and-let-live kind of attitudes. Luv 'em (and particularly in love with the very one of 'em;-)

The Pride Celebration--commenced at 11 a.m. on Hennepin Ave. from 3rd to Loring Park--was said to be the largest parade of any kind in the five-state area in the Midwest. I say it was grand, colorful and exciting indeed; So was the wind! The day I grabbed my good ol' Olympus D490-Z DigiCam and went out to take pictures was a very windy Sunday, June 30. Hence, I got several of imperfect shots with many marchers trying to hold on their props, hats, heavily perforated placards and whatnot:-( However, those clumsy-looking pictures were thrown away, and all the rest was pretty here. 84 pictures totally, enhanced by Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 v.2. Have fun;-)

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Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: All kinds of flags here:-) Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: This one is the biggest flag of all! They had such a hard time trying to hold onto it against the strong wind that day. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Leather fetish & lesbian bondage alert!!! This pair was absolutely one of the parade highlights. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: We have both humans and animal-acting humans with leather & bondage fetishes here:-)
The city's Fire Department demonstrating their annual pride power on their fire truck. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: We have not only a fire truck but also a wagon! The 2002 TC Pride Parade was such a mix of interesting elements from everywhere. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Celebrating GLBT Pride Twin Cities' 30th Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Happy Pride! Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: The folks from the Human Rights Campaign.
Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: More Pride power from the Human Rights Campaign's folks. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Wind of Change from the Human Rights Campaign Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Paul Wellstone's float. My deepest condolesence to the Wellstone's for their great loss. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Um...great parade idea!
Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: The Pride Institute's float. Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Revealing ;-) Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: The Gladiators!!! Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade: Our diva with her absolutely fabulous, attention-grabbing hairdo, tattoo, costume and red red boots. Well, all the works:-)
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