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Resurrected_V. 2.0_2002: SITE HISTORY

Thank you for your interest in reading this page. Gayly Venomously BryonyTrinity (hereinafter call "GVB") made a come-back with a more mature looks, feel, and contents! The former site at was launched around February or March 2001 but was since mid-May 2002 been obliterated & killed killed my baby :-( by who decided not to renew the Free Home Page Service with It was such a so-called inadvertent decision and short notice that had to make due to the widespread deaths, tragic collapses-cum-failures or financial viability or whatever you wish to call of the DotCom thingy all over the WWW. Yet, they did that after I had built close to 50 Web pages that received a total visits of 20,934 and page views of 60,038 (as of May 13, 2002, according to my Sitemeter)! Life sucks, I know.

Then I came up with the idea of resurrecting my baby by entrusting it to Tripod's free 20 MB of free Web space & a total of 1 GB of Bandwidth. So one day when my site gets more hits, you'd get the
Temporarily Unavailable Page Notice from Tripod! Life is the sort of thing that will from time to time throws good surprises & suspense on your laps. Sometimes it might choose to strike you with a couple of big fat thunderbolts. One should practice a grin-and-bear-with-it kind of strategy to cope with life.

Finally came the solution! By quitting being a parsimonious person (yet still an economical one) and paying for the first Web host service ( whose owner, DONNY FIELD, was a loser and a crook!), I was able to incorporate GVB into my main site
SUPHAWUT.COM, complying with my very belief that: "Home is the place for everything, and where everything is in place." As I put a HTTP-EQUIV redirecting tag into all the <HEAD> of all the GVB pages on Tripod, I bid free hosts farewell! Now I can put anything I want on my site! Aah...the freedom of paid hosting.

It's also worth mentioning here that I was utterly grateful for's Wayback Machine that made the salvation of almost all of the
contents of my old site left stranded in the proverbial Cyberspace possible. Gotta sincerely hand it to them folks at, Alexa Internet and every single archivist concerned. They ensure that Web sites are saved for posterity in their Internet Archive by having been actively and busily crawling the Web since 1996, housing over 100 terabytes of data in their library--eclipsing the amount of text contained in the world's largest libraries, including the Library of Congress!

All right. That's enough. This very lobe of my brain will serve as a playground where I can be as naughty & frank as possible in my several own wayward ways. Contents were re-organized into four major sections based on the site's name, i.e.
Gayly (all things gay male), Venomously (all things venomous), BryonyTrinity (all things me), and Miscellanies (all else). Wish you have a swell time here at GVB.

:: BryonyTrinity ::

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