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Welcome to or, as I dubbed it, the haphazardly scattered plots in my right hemisphere-dominant brain. Each of the plots truly represents my idiosyncratic self-manifestations through poetry, writing, reading, translation, language, literature, visual art, and cyber culture. Simply put, is a mélange of all things in my head and warped fragile lil' mind. So you can take a peek at the What's new? page or just pick the 'brain lobe' below that piques your interest and plunge in!

Bilingual Translations
Various English-to-Thai and Thai-to-English translations featuring my favorite song lyrics, poems, and technical & miscellaneous texts
My own penning in Thai & English

Delightful aspects of the Thai & English
Language Trivia
Covering the grammar & usage issues in English & Thai

Miscellaneous English & Thai prose I wrote

The very books I read--English & Thai and traditional & digital

Visual Art & Graphics Design
Galleries of my artworks/digital collages, both gay-oriented and general, created using using the wonderful Wacom Intuos graphic tablet, Painter 6, and Microsoft PhotoDraw V.2

Digital Photography
Pictures of my trips here and there in the USA, Canada, and Thailand

Gayly Venomously BryonyTrinity
That somewhat decadent gay brain lobe of mine which will reveal to you the many paths that lead to the entrances of my multi-dimensional gay psyche. To wit, a bona fide, unfailing fascination for male physique, pride parade pictures, gay history, assorted gay-oriented articles, my heartthrobs, snake & scorpion art, etc. Also included are my prose, poetry, pictures, digital artwork, WebLog, and something about Satanism

The Perfectionist's Sanctuary
Perfectionism | O.C.D. -- a decent brain lobe that loves nice & decent stuff and helps put my life in order

Cyber Cultures
Anything from things that turn me on, Thai books I consider interesting, noteworthy & unique flicks and all those beloved songs in my heart to the Web colors, downloads, pop cultures on the Web, and all that jazz!
Visual Diversions
My PHP Photo Gallery

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