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Her Royal Highness Princess Sangwan Mahidol, the Princess Mother, felt that students and government officials who are studying or serving abroad ought to possess a handbook outlining the teachings of the Buddhist religion a manual from which they could learn how to act in accordance with those teachings and how to explain some principles of Buddhism to foreign friends desirous to learn about them.

Her Royal Highness therefore requested the Venerable Phra Sasanasobhana of Wat Bovoranivesvihara to write, in conformance with her own outline, a Thai text entitled What did the Buddha teach? Then Phra Khantipalo (Laurence C.R. Mills) also of Wat Bovoranivesvihara and Phra Nagaseno of Wat Benjamabopitr were requested to make the preliminary translation of that text into English. Afterwards Phya Srivisarvacha, Police Lieutenant Colonel Ed Na Pombejra and Mr. John Bloefeld were asked to go over the English version. After certain modifications had been made to her satisfaction, Her Royal Highness ordered both the Thai text and the English versions to be published concurrently in pamphlet form on the occasion of her birthday anniversary.

Patumwan Palace | October 21st B.E. 2510 (A.D. 1967)

Note: Thai characters were inserted following Pali terms for two purposes, i.e. for clarity and for those who are interested in and/or know how to read Thai scripts can learn how those terms are written in Thai. For best viewing of this document Thai Encoding (in IE) should be enabled.

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