Subharp Rhyme Scheme - ผังสัมผัสกลอนสุภาพ

Rhyme Scheme of Glon Subharp1

Most flexible and frequently used in Thai verse writing, Glon Subharp (or Glon Pad) is a type or Thai versification. Its features are as follows:

  1. A stanza2  of  Glon Subharp  comprises four sections3 that can be arranged into two or four line;

  2. Each section contains eight non-accentual syllables (meaning, they can be short or long as desired);

  3. The eight syllable of the first section rhymes with the 11th syllable of the second section;

  4. The 16th syllable of the second section then sends the rhyme to the 24th or last syllable of the third section and 27th syllable of the last section respectively; and

  5. The 36th or last syllable of the forth section in the first stanza will finally send the rhyme to the 16th syllable of the second section in the following stanza that will at the same time rhyme with the 24th and 27th syllables of the third and last sections respectively.   

Confused? Here is the rhyme scheme graphic that is worth a thousand words:-)

Glon Subharp Rhyme Chart ผังการสัมผัสใน-นอกของกลอนสุภาพ (กลอนแปด)

ooo      oo      ooNICE ooo         oTWICE   ooIS
ooo      oo      ooTHIS ooKISS    oo           ooFAST
ooo      oo      ooSEAL ooMEAL    oo          ooLAST
ooo      oo      ooBLAST ooCAST    oo          ooRUN
  1. Aka "8-word poem" or "กลอนแปด" /glon pad/ that is not strictly limited to 8. Sometimes people go to 9 or even 10.
  2. When the pattern of rhymes, or rhyme scheme, extends beyond two or sometimes three lines, the entire group of rhymed lines is called a stanza.
  3. Called wakka, namely, wakka sadub, ~ rub, ~ rong, and ~ song

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