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As my favorite and, to me, most challenging hobby, translating Thai songs, poetry/poems and assorted texts into English brings me sheer pleasure and entails never-ending research. Imagine working on rendering the language you know best all your life into another you have tried your best to study and master. It's that fun.

I am forever grateful to my inspiring translation teacher, the profound Assoc. Prof. Somjit Iamsupanimit, Ph.D. During my years as an English major at the Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University, I took the Thai-to-English Translation courses I & II that she efficiently taught and supervised. She was the person who shed light on the issue of Scattered Plots in human brains that control how we learn languages and all that jazz. She took the praiseworthy responsibility of re-organizing those disorderly dots in our uncharted brains and putting them in order. By doing that, we all gained deeper understanding and greater appreciation in the art and science of Thai-to-English translation. She might not know that she also instilled in me the immense love of translation that will be with me till the last day of my life.

Taking both of Assoc. Prof. Somjit's courses, I have developed a fascination with collecting all kinds of dictionaries in art and science, which are indispensable tools for translators. I have also cherished a dream of making my own dictionary, and I will make it come true one day. My dictionaries will be the most complete and authoritative reference books ever in Thailand. Promise.

English is my second language, and I have constantly studied this amazing second language for almost three decades so far. I am fascinated with literature--both Thai & English--poetry and stylistic prose, in particular. Even though I have set a pretty ambitious goal for the achievement of my English, it seems that I can never reach that goal at all. The more I study English, the more I'm convinced that there is much more left to learn, to digest, to take up, and to drink in.

Having worked as a translator, interpreter, news rewriter, and editor for almost a decade (and counting), I believe I have made the most of my English language knowledge. I enjoy translating poetry & songs. It gives me different kinds of feelings when I am doing an English-to-Thai translation, more confidence, if you wish. It's like you are rendering the language that you've studied all your life into the language that you know best. Naturally, it takes me more time to render a piece of Thai text into English, for the first is more complicated with higher verbal registers and nuances.

I always keep in mind that the Western world has by all means studied and done research about virtually everything on this planet earth more than we Thais have. So English-to-Thai translation serves as an essential tool for me to learn about, crack into, and pry open those shells of knowledge. It's a dandy vehicle that takes me on an enjoyable journey into a vast expanse of knowledge land.

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วิกิพีเดีย: "สารานุกรมเสรี มากมีความรู้แบ่งปัน หลุดพ้นความสามัญสู่ปัญญาเลิศ"
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(The above is the Thai rhymed slogan I translated specially for Wikipedia.
See also: My Wikipedian & Contribution pages)

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