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The Siamese Cat Named Chulanarin

Finally, the Valdis' seal point Siamese kitten got his name! Below are his pictures and a list of only some of the names, all meaning 'king' in Thai, on which Tony & I had previously collaborated. The winning name, which came in at the very last minute--is hanging at the end. See also the additional MS Word document & Glenn's page for more resources on giving your cat a Thai name (at the bottom of this page).

Our Chulanarin (̹Թ) 
posing for the camera :-)Our Chulanarin (̹Թ) looking rightOur Chulanarin (̹Թ) sleeping 


Place your mouse over the kitten's pix to see the captions. Click to see the larger versions.

Raja or Rasha Rasha (Ҫ) -- Tony said Raja sounded too much like the New England version of his brother-in-law's name, so we go by this variation /Raa-shaa/ which is perfectly fine as well.
Rama Rama () -- Rama is how most Westerners pronounce Raam (right below).
Raam Raam or Ram () -- (like 'arm' but without the retroflex 'r') is the real pronunciation of this word in Thailand.
Chula Chula () -- Choo-la or Ju-LAH will do. :-)
Narin Narin (Թ) -- this is pronounced with the primary stress falling on the 2nd syllable.
Naris This is our early choice--the good ol' Naris ()
Chulanaris This is how Chulanaris (̹) is written.
Chulanarin And this is Chulanarin (̹Թ) Not a problem. We can do this combination.
Recently I've seen Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat--a children's animated program on PBS--which I think is such a lovely name. So I'd like to include the name here, too. :-) In Thai, the word "sagwa" (ѡ) means: "a form of poetry, a verse form, the initial word of a dialogue which is sung."

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ز - Suphawut

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