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Poetry ... Perpetually

ز ҷѳԵ

Glon Subharp
Suphawut Wathabunditkul


The inestimable precious jewels,
The nacreous dust of dreams sprinkling down from paradise,
The silvern lunar beams illuminating my path of life,
The welcoming gesture extended from a hospitable palm,


The extraordinarily exquisite tradition,
The scintillant treasure of writing,
The unique literary identity of a civilized society:
I exalt all the virtues of Thai poetry amidst my mind.


Enchanting the Three Realms1 over, the sweet charms of poetry
Sheltered within an elegant tiny receptacle
Are the heavenly elixirs that can nourish body, intellect and wit.
Partaking of them will rejuvenate us for years.


In the ornately crystalline Garden of Poetics
Is enthroned Ganesha2the God of Success and supreme Poet of poets
Who guards and guides us, his disciples, with great generosity
So that we all can create art and accomplish the aesthetic eternally.


Hence there has been no lack of poets ever in Siam,
For so ardent is our ardor for art of verse
The vital force that uplifts our souls,
The flame that ignites our Jhana3.
No matter how many Kappas or Kalpas4 have passed,
Poetry lives in us perpetually!

Rendered into English prose and copyrighted by Suphawut Wathabunditkul. All rights reserved.

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1. Heaven (Sagga), Earth (Manussa) and Hell (Niraya). Also appeared in the ancient Thai literature Tribhumi Pra Ruang as the Three Realms (Tribhava, Tribhumi or Triloka), viz. a. the Sensuous Realm (Kamabhava), b. the Realm of Form (Rupabhava), and c. the Formless Level (Arupabhava).

2. The Hindu God of Wisdom, Prudence, Prophesy, Education, Knowledge, Wisdom, Literature and the Fine Arts, the Remover of Obstacles, the Lord of Categories (gana), Ganesha is the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, depicted as a human with red complexion and an elephant's head. Ganesha or Ganapati is an extremely popular god in India where he is called Vighneshvara or Vighnaharta, the Lord of and destroyer of obstacles. People mostly worship Him asking for Siddhi (success in undertakings) and Buddhi (intelligence). As the remover of obstacles, he is invoked at the start of business venture, journey, marriage, religious rite, house construction, the writing of a book or even a letter. Hindi Gaṇeś, from Sanskrit Gaṇeśaḥ, from Gaṇeśaḥ, master of throngs: Gaṇaḥ, throng, group of followers + śaḥ, master. Name Variations: Ganapati (Lord of the Tribe or Attendants), Viganeshwara (Controller of All Obstacles), Vinayaka (the Prominent Leader), Gajanana (elephant faced), Gajadhipati (Lord of Elephants), Lambkarna (long eared), Lambodara (pendant -bellied) and Ekadanta (having one tusk), Gajavadana (the elephant face), Shoorpa-Karna (winnowing pan like ears), Chaturbhuja (four hands)--three of them carrying Pasha (a rope), Ankusha (a spear-like weapon curved at one end) and Modaka (a pudding like sweet dish) and the fourth held in a gesture that assures help and protection to the devotee. Ganesa, Ganesh, Ganpati or Ganapati (wisdom), Vighneshvara, Vighnaharta and (in Thailand) Pighnesh or Pighneshvara.

3. Pali (Sanskrit: Dhyana) for Mental Absorption or Transcendent Insights. A state of strong concentration focused on a single physical sensation (resulting in Rupa Jhana) or mental notion (resulting in Arupa Jhana). Development of Jhana arises from the temporary suspension of the Five Mental Hindrances (to concentration, i.e. sensual desire, ill will, sloth & drowsiness, restlessness & anxiety, and uncertainty) through the development of Five Mental Factors: Vitakka (directed thought), Vicara (evaluation), Piti (rapture), Sukha (pleasure), and Ekaggatarammana (singleness of preoccupation).

4. Time in Hinduism is generally conceived of as a wheel rotating through cycles of Sarga (creation) and Pralaya (destruction) called Kappa cycles. Each Kappa cycle is a life of Brahma which lasts 100 Brahmic years or 311,040,000,000,000 human years. One Kalpa (Age of Brahma) has been defined as 1,000 Mahayugas (10,000 Kaliyugas) or 4,320,000,000 years.

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