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Comparative Proverbs, Old Adages and Sayings: Thai & English
Ե Ծ Ӿѧӹǹ-ѧºº

Thai-to-English Translation


ѡӷ = To beat around the bush.

ѡ˹֧ѧ = To make both ends meet.

紷 ˹ = Everything could have a silver lining. Every cloud has a silver lining. Life is not all beer and skittles. Laugh today and cry tomorrow.

= Haste makes waste. Rome was not built in a day.

ҧ·駵 㺺ǻԴ(Դ) = What is done by night appears by day.

ҧ͡Դ㹻 = A genuine is born, not made.

ҧ ѡ 㨹ѡ = Never trust a sleeping dog, a swearing Jew, a praying, a prying drunkard, or a sweeping woman.

ҵ = The leopard cannot change his spots.
( = to leave behind one's reputation, to stand on one's dignity)

繡 ҹ繤س = Haste makes waste.

غԺ = One beats the bush, and another catches the birds. One man sows, and another reaps.

= Like father, like son.


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