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Comparative Proverbs, Old Adages and Sayings: Thai & English
Ե Ծ Ӿѧӹǹ-ѧºº

Thai-to-English Translation

ѡ˹ Сҧ = You cannot make a silk velvet purse out of a sow's ear.

Ңͷͧ = You can't judge a book by its cover.

ҳԵԪԴ ʹҨ = Like an ant next to sugar...who can't be happy?
(Ant symbolises the male; sugar, the female).

Դ繤 = Experience is the best teacher. The burnt child dreads the fire.
(to dread = 紡, Һ)

իӴӾ = It never rains but it pours, to go from bad to worse, or to take a turn for the worse

Note: իӴӾ means to have [at least two] misfortunes one after the other/back-to-back --> ١;Ҵŧ ͤ. Many people tend to get confused and say or write the word as , which is incorrect. here means a household or guardian spirit, not a handle, hilt, holder, shaft or anything. So it's like the evil has just given you bad luck, and you take a turn for the worst when your own household/guardian spirit (who is supposed to be kind to you and protect you from all harm) follows up with another blow --> շѧ ...ӡҾ»ǹŧա.

ҵ = Lady of the night.


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