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My Wedding Blessings

Wedding Bellฝากเพลงแทนเครื่องตีสีซอ
I gave you this song in place of all the musical instruments
So that it will lull you in your bridal chamber;
So that both of you can rejoice in your love.
This song serves as a wedding present from my heart
For you on your wedding day.
BemoaningThe lyrics of this song contain my bemoaning--
I who have been disappointed by love--
I who have no luck and fortune
To win you over as my bride.
Wedding Conchฉันไม่อยากจะมาเห็นหน้าทูนหัว
I don't want to go there and have to see your charming face,
For I fear that I couldn't help breaking down and crying.
I therefore sang this song
So that it would sweeten your golden bridal chamber.
Its poetic lyrics represent my auspicious, sacred water for the wedding couple.

ขับร้อง: ก๊อต - จักรพรรณ์ อาบครบุรี
Series: หัวแก้วหัวแหวน 9
Album: ชวนน้องแต่งงาน
Track #: 5
Music from my heartI gave you this song in place of my words of congratulations.
It will cheer for you--all tearfully.
It is the poem I composed
As my wedding blessings...especially for you.

Performed by: Gott - Jakrabhan Arbkhornburee
Series: Hua Gaew Hua Waen IX
Album: Chuan Nong Tang Ngaan
Track #: 5

• • • Rendered into English prose and copyrighted 2004 by Suphawut Wathabunditkul. All rights reserved. • • •

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