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December - Chakrabhand Posayakrit's Thai art gallery launched.

- New Thai poems published.

- A new sub-section named Thai Gay Cultures added under the main GAYLY section, featuring: Thailand declares gay is no longer sick, Satree Lex Review, Thai Gay Vocabularies, Feminizing Your Given Male Thai Names, etc.

- Funny Thai ads from the old days published. The Western counterparts will soon follow.

- The main page graphic celebrating the holidays:-)

- Played with Flash text effects & succeeded in embedding one (using the Macromedia Flash's <OBJECT> & <EMBED> tag syntax) on my Art & Design page.

- The 2nd special art gallery unveiled: H.R. Giger's gothic/industrialist/Sci-Fi artworks.

- 84 pictures of the Twin Cities Pride 2002 Parade finally got published after a 5-month delay:P

- A bunch of International Male model pictures added, featuring the UnderGear Males.
- Thai Art Montage Variation I added.

- What turns me on? appended.

- AtomZ Search added.

- All the eight pages of A Gay History of the World updated by making almost all the Proper Nouns (names) bold as a visual aid. This section is now officially listed in DMOZ in addition to the previous listing for the main site.

- Studied about Streaming RealAudioฎ Media emphasizing on audio, .rm and .ram files; successfully applied it to A Time for Us & Glom Hor (Pon Wiwaa); will accompany as many songs on my site as possible with the encoded RealMediaฎ so that the visitors can have plenary T-E & E-T translation learning experiences (id est perusing the texts & listening to the real voices/songs).

- Brought back the The Development of My Brain Image Designs.

- More links to found. Updating the Listed in... page, I discovered & was enchanted by the nifty little features of Vivํsimo Clustering Engine.

- Updated the following:
1) Footer Navigational Menu by adding graphics;
2) Discordant backgrounds of some pages;
3) the color of CSS Visited Link site-wide from LimeGreen to ForestGreen;
4) Robots file--banned vscooter, DittoSpyder and psbot (sorry, guys!) & also added a Carriage Return at the end of the file;
5) .htaccess (more file types are now protected)
6) the GVB's Terms & Agreements and added new pictures on: Monochrome Men 3 and Jeff Conger pages
7) Bilingual Translation Zone & Pointers, Tips and Tricks on English to Thai & Thai to English Translations

- Jonathan informed me that the upstream servers experienced the transient DoS Attack:-( It was fixed overnight, though.

- The 100 Must-Read Thai Books was overhauled and became bilingual with quick jump links!

- has received 11,962visits (.PNG graphic) as of Nov 28, 2002.

- And...Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

- Add some more stuff into What Turns Me on list.

- Penned Pointers, Tips and Tricks on Thai to English & English to Thai Translations and planned to get back to modify the with more real samples and resourceful links.

- Got Chulanarin's cute pictures from Tony & added to The Siamese Kitten Named Chulanarin.

- has reached the 10,050-visit (.PNG graphic) milestone as of Nov 12, 2002.

- Added Listed in... page.

- Today is the end of the innocence.
September - Changed the Top Navigational Menu back to the old style, which seems more practical than the directory path JavaScript one in terms of wording and directory customization and browsing.

- Received an apologetic e-mail from Arthit following a couple of my furious punitive counter-posts at To forgive or not to forgive is yet remains to be desired & decided. However, I decided not to post anything @ again since my site (or any sites) is obviously prone to being hot-linked

- 6,001 total visits & 27,871 page views today.
- My Bandwidth Theft Detection Tool showed that a very lame, unscrupulous knucklehead named Arthit has hot-linked the Alchemy Men image from my site and used it illegally on three (not one but three, Jesus H. Jumping Christ!) forums! Arthit: You pissed me off major time. The world has now known that you are such an uncomplicated, idiotic little bandwidth theft. You might have seen the message I replaced the image you hot-linked by now, sucker! Get your own site to hot-link files, moron! I design my artwork using my creativity; they're my intellectual properties. I am paying for my bandwidth; that is my very money. I will absolutely not, on this God's green earth, let you sucker/leech be a part to exploit my hard-earned dough & intellectual treasures! Fuck off!

- Reorganized the entire site contents. Moved The Alchemy Men.
Vowed to fight & bear relentless and intrinsically Scorpio grudges against bandwidth thefts & Internet rip-off people (like Donny Field of the defunct on her later!) till the day I die!

- As of Sept 25, 2, total visits = 5,558 and total page views = 25,881!!!

- Launched the Poetry section. Will gradually publish all the poems.

- Published The Alchemy Men under Male Physique/Western Men at 6 a.m. and composed a special Thai poem. Witnessed that the section's traffic has miraculously rocketed to the whopping 3,381 visits & 14,933 page views in only 12 hours! Ah...the traffic!

- Launched Thai to English Translation: Poetic & Literary.

- Created this "New Stuff" Page.

- has received over 2,488 unique visits & 10,072 page views from visitors from various corners of the world (to wit, Thailand, USA, US Educational, US Military, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Uruguay, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand (Aotearoa), South Africa, Indonesia, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil, and France) today since it first hit the Web on the new server in less than one month (August 29, 2002:-) Most traffics came from Google.

- So far, site has been listed the big two--DMOZ (which automatically shows up in Netscape) and Google's Groups & Directory (which automatically shows up in Yahoo and a lot more search engines). My Google PageRank is 4/10. Also listed in, Jenni's 404Lab, WandererCommunity,'s Perfectionist, AllGayLinx,, Translation on the Web WebRing, etc. Additionally, it has been crawled by Alexa, AltaVista, Lycos, AlltheWeb, Inktomi, HotBot, etc. In Thailand, site has been included in MThai, PixiArt, Bangkok, TongzWeb, itencity's Top Web,, 108-1009, tboyx, etc.

- Updated Male Physique section (Thai Men and Western Men).

- Uploaded more pictures of Snake & Scorpion art.

- Sporadic accessibility problem was fixed. Everything has run smootooooth (since Sept. 13 onwards).

- Mourning America: A Year after: Composed a Thai poem for the event.

- Done with finding a name for Tony's seal point Siamese kitten. He's now being called Chulanarin!

- Added CSS to Demonyms and Site Map to make them load faster.
August 29 - Moved to a new server from a crooked host like and Donny Field!

- Added Google Site Search. Yeah, babe!

- Site got listed in

- During these days, site experienced some minor hiccups due to server upgrades. The Tech Support, Jonathan, had been extremely helpful all along.

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