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November - A (site-wide) facelift using CSS (a work in progress).
- Angel::Miracle published.
- Sarah McLachlan's Angel lyrics translated.
- Thai-English Proverbs now listed in Google > Society > Folklore > Lit > Proverbs & Sayings > Asian and Gay History in Google > Society > Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual > History.
- A blasť birthday Burn...birthday cake...burn!!! (away from all humanity)
October Deep depression | lethargic | manic-depressive.Life unraveling . . .
September Ennui.100 years of solitude . . .
August - Comparative Proverbs, Saying and Old Adages: Thai & English now listed at DMOZ - Society: Folklore: Literature: Proverbs and Sayings: Asian.
- "Scorpio Samsara" published in Scorpion Art.
July - Modern art: Piet Mondrian.
- The bilingual version of Ode to Grand Canyon published.
- Comparative Proverbs, Saying and Old Adages: Thai & English launched.
- Some new artwork added to VENOMOUSLY: Scorpion Art sub-section.
June Twin Cities Pride Parade 2003 pictures taken.
May Masterpiece Bilingual Translations (Thai & English) launched. Thai poetry & literature buffs shouldn't miss!
April - Thai poetry: Naowarat Pongpaiboon's Pra-tub Khwon
- My Thai poetry translated into English: The Magnificent Monarch of Thailand, Remembering 9/11, Poetry Perpetually!
March - The number of unique visits to this site have reached a 30K milestone this month! Thank you all the Web surfers!

- Got some idea to add Scorpio & Scorpion ClipArt to Scorpion Art.
February Bad & good news came in at the same time. . .

Just like the wretched Donny Field &, who had obviously been tottering for months couldn't see their business through. eventually purchased on Feb 22. Once again the shit hit the fan! That left me another plight of finding a new host, since couldn't host my site due to their AUP. It's so hard these days to find a decent Web hosting company who won't cheat you. All they want is to get the money from your pocket, provide you with lousy services and wait for the time to run away with the rest of your money! The key, therefore, is never pay them full year. Never ever! I've been through this subterfuge (the synonym of which is "crap") twice, let alone being forced by Jonathan M. Slivko ( to multiple-transfer my site contents one server after another!'s supposed to host this site for one year, but they had done that for only half a year (Aug 29, 2002 to Feb 22, 2003--to be exact). So, Jonathan, this is the part when I breathe deeply, expectorate and go: "Tut! To hell with all your We promise we're not like Sensiblehost. We are here to stay. I can put that in writing for you sham!"

Instead, Dennis Parley of had tried everything in his power to compensate what stole from me. He had been very polite, caring, helpful and cooperative since his very first e-mail. All his help resulted in zero downtime & smooth DNS switchover (I thus highly recommend this Web hosting company with whom I unfortunately can't do business) when this site was being transferred to one of the IIS servers run by's owner Glenn Slayden--a godsend--who kindly offered to host my site gratis.

What is uncertain I don't know, but what is certain is that, Donny Field, and Jonathan M. Slivko will be condemned on my site and on the Web forever!!!
January - Google's PageRank of my site has eventually inched up to 5 (meaning) following several months of having lingered at the persistent 4! [If you want to learn more about how to effectively optimize your site especially for Google, Let yourself be found on Google! insightfully written by Risto Klint--can be of great help]. At the end of Jan 03, has received a total of 20,000 unique visits and 112,230 pages views:-)

- What Turns Me on got its own folder, inaugurated by all those gorgeous Brand Name Male Models--the object(s) of my affection. Of course, the Abercrombie and Fitch males were the first to receive such honor and grace the page;-)

- More new Thai poems published | new Thai love song lyrics translated.

- Ah...the usefulness of 
 in IE!!!

- The ultimate male physique of Bill Derringer | The titillating male beauty of the CK men.

- My ardent fascination with Boas and Pythons [Fair warning: not for the faint of heart!].

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