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July Been away for quite some time due to work, changes in life, lack of time and strength, and whatnot. Time really flies; it flees away from me as if it were winged. Nonetheless, T.S. Eliot in his renowned The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock contradicted:

"...And indeed there will be time
For the yellow smoke that slides along the street,
Rubbing its back upon the window-panes;
There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate;
Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions..."

Anyhow, without any further ado, here are some new pics I've just published following the break:
bullet Four brand new photos of de scrumptious, irresistible Chris Carmack starting from this page
bullet Four other A&F Summer 2004 guys, namely: Chris Egan, Justin Bruening, Matt Taylor, and Wentworth Miller
bullet Also, this guy (name unknown -- lovely elbows;-)
bullet Last but not least, the adonis Carlson Twins -- such a sight for sore eyes (mm...mmmm, good!)

More to follow soon when the time permits.

We all are governed by time, who consumes everything--even itself.

April - South Carolina Pride pics added. Also, meet my US Air Force Hunks.

- Bryan's Pride Parade Photos created under GAYlery. Numerous TC Pride photos (2001, 2002, and 2003) added (or, to be more specific, migrated from the old static HTML albums). No more TC Pride photos from now on. T_T

- A bunch of new photos added to GAYlery as follows:
bullet CK male underwear models--headless--starting from this page
bullet Eight more mouthwatering photos of other male underwear models (e.g. Polo, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger) on this page
bullet One new photo of sexy, handsome INTL Male model here.

Gallery visitors e-mailed to ask me if I knew the names of some male models whose photos I published in my GAYlery. The answer is I don't know. If I know any male model's name, I'll always indicate it beneath his photo either in the caption or description.

- The Perfect Man (a poem) OCR'ed from the original & published.

- Site bandwidth (and also storage) upgraded to accommodate the increased traffic.

- Gallery upgraded to 1.4.3 (final). I've upgraded my gallery three times altogether for April alone, but this should be the final upgrade for this month!

- Gallery upgraded to 1.4.3-RC3. With this upgrade, I decided to completely and eternally disable the comment feature for the entire gallery simply because some people used extremely poor grammar and spellings as well as sickening profanities--all of which have tremendously tarnished the grace of my gallery and all those beautiful male models I love. I couldn't let anything like that exist on my perfectionist Web site! By the way, it's sure that I'll have to also upgrade my hosting plan by the end of this month due to the afore-mentioned constant increase (surge, burst, etc.) of site traffic. I just can't believe that every single day LOTS of people are Googling for the photos of Abercrombie & Fitch and CK male models.

- Seems that my site traffic keeps growing and growing everyday (or is it just a burst of traffic?) Now is receiving an average of 1,081 visits per day (206,672 total). I might have to upgrade my account to get more bandwidth. See what those A&F male models have done to me? ;-)

- More new sensual images added: Wow Abs; Tommy Man Upside Down; and exclusive pics of the two heartthrob twins, Lane & Kyle Carlson, starting at this page. New sub-album, A&F Summer 2004, created.

- Gallery upgraded to 1.4.3-RC2 at the crack of dawn! [BIG FAT yaaaaaaawn]. At the end of the first week of April, the top 10, most-clicked, most-viewed albums are as follows:

1. A&F Male Camaraderie
2. A&F Solo
3. CK Males
4. A&F Black & White
5. A&F Carlson Twins
6. A&F Assorted
7. A&F Quarterlies - Catalogs
8. GAYlery
9. INTL Male - Undergear
10. A&F - The Known Ones (with Chad Cole being viewed 1,987 times; Dan Blagaich, 1,933 times)

- Captions and extra descriptions of Versace Males completed.

- Two new sub-albums created: Versace Males and Other Brand Name Male Models.

- More photos of International Male models added to both Boutique and UnderGear sub-albums.

- So...this What's New? page kind of serves as my blog. That's funny, because I tried installing and test-driving a lot of CMS's and blogging software (ranging from Blogger to Mambo) and didn't seem to like any of them but my good ol' FrontPage. I have to confess that I'm addicted to the old-school HTML coding and my familiarity with it. No matter what people complain, I love all of Microsoft software (especially Microsoft Office Suites): FrontPage 2003 is my most favorite Web site editor; Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 v.2, my best-loved graphic editor (second to that is definitely such free-yet-very-versatile graphic editor/browser as IrfanView, even though I have everything from PhotoShop 7, Adobe Illustration 10, PaintShop Pro 7 to XaraX).

Some stats: Each day, 739 different people visit my site. Most of them come from Google. Each visitor spends about six minutes hanging around here. As of April 1, my site has received a total of 380,569 hits. To be more specific, the hits are tripled in less than a week after I installed my gallery! OMG! Even though my host has just made an amazing and generous upgrade to my (and every customers') account by giving me 2 GB of Web storage plus twice as much bandwidth gratis (Yay!! Surpass rocks!!!), I might have to up the bandwidth with my host if the growth keeps going on in this fashion. I kinda sorta think that mayhap this is just a GAYlery frenzy that could die down after a while. Whether or not my speculation is true remains to be seen.

- Gallery upgraded to 1.4.3-RC1. After upgrading, I've also downloaded and utilized one of JadeDragon's free & cool Gallery skins called metal007 so as to jazz up my gallery. Since the original color scheme that JadeDragon designed was a tad feminine for me, I tweaked it up to tone it down a bit, resulting in a silver/chrome scheme. I always have this thing about all things silver. Frankly, I used to be quite indifferent about using skins simply because I thought that the very purpose of a gallery was to show and exhibit the artwork itself, not to sport the skins. Now, admittedly, my view has changed. I think that appearance & presentation count, too, when you have a photo gallery on your site.

I've changed. People change. Things change. Even Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell sang You've changed...

March - International Male model photos moved to International Male Models Gallery under GAYlery. More new INTL Male pix added.

- CK male model photos moved to Calvin Klein Male Models Gallery under GAYlery. More new CK male pix added.

- My new Thai poem, Seasons Cycle Body Mind, published. Also, Seasons Cycle Body Mind (bilingual [Thai-English] version) translated and published.

- More snake pictures & ClipArt published in my new Snake Gallery.

- GAYlery launched. The Abercrombie & Fitch Male Models Gallery is the first to grace this special gallery of mine. A whole lot more new pix added there. The result, according to my Awstats, is a humongous site traffic increase from 56,782 to 123,978 hits/day!!!

- Madhuros Bot-gawee (a bilingual poem) published.

- After having tried installing and using those famous PHP photo galleries--i.e. Coppermine and 4images--I have finally decided to choose the slick one called Gallery (1.4.2 Final Release - Standalone). In my opinion, Gallery is the leanest of all in terms of coding (I might be wrong). I believe it should be lean on database (MySQL) utilization as well (it didn't even use any MySQL Database quota in cPanel). However, the major reason I opt for Gallery is that it seems to be the only one that I know of that offers various, efficient alternatives for bulk image uploading (more here). Other reasons:

1) Gallery's developers are constantly and actively developing their codes. So I'm looking forward to upgrading to their exciting next version, Gallery 2.0.
2) Gallery's Discussion Forums--which is in English (mostly), not German/English--are extensive and well-supported. So I feel wonderful perusing them.
3) Since I choose ImageMagick as the image manipulation tool for my gallery, I love their Gallery Remote that works great in tandem with ImageMagick.
4) Gallery is secure.
5) Gallery has the mod_rewite ability resulting in friendly album URLs (easy to remember and send to people).

So I launched my minimalist-style gallery and dubbed it's Visual Diversions ;-) and created the very first album (Scorpio & Scorpion ClipArt Main) with two sub-albums (Scorpion ClipArt and Scorpio & Scorpius ClipArt). Now that the framework has been laid out, more mouthwatering pics will be added there soon.

I've already figured out how to tweak my gallery's .htaccess, header & footer wrapper files, CSS's, charset (UTF-8, which is capable of correctly accepting & displaying Thai script), and other nifty META tags (e.g. robots and the darn danglin' imagetoolbar). If the time permits, I might learn more about PHP.
February A Human SoulAnother big fat lightning has struck, but life goes on. Human souls, frail and fragile, are considerably resilient and capable of weathering the storm. We dare to try and err so as to live life to the fullest. Mistakes and/or fiascos are our middle names. All that makes us round, multi-faceted characters on the whirling stage of this wild world.

HOSTS/SERVERS: After having been hosted on a Windows server (IIS 5.0) for one full year, had to migrate again (seems that this happens to my site every single year--hope this move would be the last, though). I went back to an Apache host/server (v. 1.3.29 [Unix] on Linux OS) again, actually. I've missed the good ol' mighty .htaccess file, cPanel and all the Unix thingies! My site had been down since Feb 6. It got back up and running again one day after the Valentine's day.

The first new host I tried this time was All went pretty well except the FrontPage Server Extensions, which, for some mysterious reason, didn't seem to work on, even though my DSN became fully propagated (it's believed--but not confirmed--that opening Web in FrontPage before your DSN resolves could be pretty tricky). Anyhow, I e-mailed to and chatted on MSN with the Tech Support informing him of the issue. Funnily enough, he didn't offer me any solution germane to FrontPage at all but simply told me to use FTP method in FrontPage to publish my site instead! Facing with poor support like this, I quit right away and asked for a refund (I got my money back fast, though). So I got to use's service for only four days (Feb 11-14).

Again searched I for another host. I finally found the one that I wanted. As a matter of fact, it was the company that I've had an eye on since 2002. On Feb 15, eventually landed on that stable & fast Unix host--SurpassHosting. The hosting plan, features and price there were just right for me. So far I get great download/server speed and service & support from SurpassHosting. I'll show you what I mean.

Feb 15 at 3:40 PM, I opened my first trouble ticket "Temp path not working in FrontPage" (DSN not yet resolved) with SurpassHosting. At 11:20 PM, Kayla sent me her first reply. And exactly 48 minutes later early in the morning, Kayla e-mailed me again confirming: "Everything should work great now. Please try." And she was right! Simply wonderful! See the difference in services between DH2 and SurpassHosing?

WEB SITE: Due to the aforementioned "big fat lightning," I helplessly lost all the work I put on my site from February 2003 to February 2004, I thus had to resorted to Google caches. Without the Google technology, site resurrection and content retrieval wouldn't have been possible! Its capability simply beats that of hands-down! Believe me--I've tried both. Thanks to this veritable, industry-leading and evolutionary search engine!

- 171,059 visits to date.

- Some cool stats about my site from Netcraft.

- Nitisarn Saa-dhok (a Thai didactic poem) translated and published.

-Began searching for a PHP photo gallery with lean coding. Have tried Coppermine, 4images, and Gallery. Winner will be picked early March.

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